Throughout this project ­­­I feel like I have really found myself as a designer. I have overcome a lot of challenges throughout this year and this project which I have never had to face before, which I feel like has helped me for when I am in the professional working world.

I started off in this project with the theme of architecture and the sea, which I quickly realised wasn’t as do able as I thought it would be in my head. I decided to change the theme to just architecture of old Portsmouth, bringing in patterns and shapes to the designs. This worked out a lot better for me and has brought me to the project that it is today. I have struggled throughout, particularly in the middle of the project where I thought it would not be possible to even achieve anything without starting again with a brand new theme. I’m glad I was able to overcome this. I feel like I’m still lacking in certain areas, such as sketch booking but I feel like this has improved a lot this term.

I used techniques I was confident with for this project as it wasn’t the time to be experimenting with new techniques in case of them not working or just not being effective. I stuck mainly to creating my designs using the heat press and the line drawings in my sketchbook. My line drawings came from the photos I had taken around the area, this included photos of the houses and the railings I also gained my inspiration from. The heat press was used to create mark making, such as marks from church windows and street pathways. I chose to use the heat press technique because it creates a brush stroke effect which is then translated onto the fabric. Although the colours may not have been co-hesive with my over all colour palette, this was easily solved using Photoshop, which still allowed me to leave the effect of the brush strokes and keep the colours within my colour palette.

I think my skills from the first project, international greetings, helped me to use the geometric style in my work, this was effective for me for that project so decided try and replicate it in a different style. I originally wanted to try and use the same style for this but it was a lot harder with a theme which involved houses and geometric shapes.

The last 3 years of University have definitely taught me skills which I will be able to use in my next career move, even if its not in the Textile industry. We have worked together on projects through field, which involved other courses and taught me how to make a chair, something I definitely wouldn’t have learnt without field. We have also doing cohort group projects which involved fundraising for the degree show. For skills that will help me in my future career textile wise, I feel have been things like the screen printing and general print room techniques itself. I had never done screen printing before coming to University as it was never an option to me, so being able to do this was a great experience for me and made me realise I was more of a printer than a stitcher, something I never would have thought before coming to university.

I am overall so impressed with my over all outcome for this project, from the over all display down to the samples. I have kept my display to its intended market, I chose to use natural woods which you would see in a cosy, beach setting home. And kept this going throughout my display down to the photo frames and my book holder. I think keeping this consistent to me was a big deal to having a good effective display. I have also kept great emphasis on keeping my display equal to make sure that it was balanced out. For instance having the wallpaper one side, meant having my samples the other. The shelves were also another point where I balanced out the over all look. By filling the gap with my lampshade, it created a balance and meant that your eyes were not particularly drawn to one piece of the display, it was equal. This was a big worry as you didn’t want your samples or your products to be over looked. I would be really disappointed if this were to happen to me, as I worked really hard on making sure that the samples displayed not only went with the cushions, but also co-ordinated with the wallpaper and there were not too many of the same colours on display. There we’re a ride range to show the wide range of designs available.

I am happy I have managed to create a project which, is pleasing to the eye and fits my brief.

Changes To Self Set Brief

I have made some small changes to my self set brief as my project changed slightly half way through, after some difficulty and a lot of troubles. I have changed it ever so slightly so that now, instead of it being revolved around architecture and the sea, it revolves around purely the architecture itself. I also included some changes about patterning and such but over all this was the only major thing I changed on my brief. I felt it was important to change it and resubmit it because I didn’t want it to look like I had over looked this element and not thought about it, when I had thought extensively about it and how I could change my project to try and fit around this problem.

Final Display

My final display is finally finished. I have decided to keep my space as a homely setting hence why I have use natural woods instead of floating shelves or white ones.

I think that over all I have managed to make the most of the space I was given for the show. My main concern was either not being able for everything to fit into the space, or the fact that some of the show would stand out more than the others. I kept my shelving in the middle as a mixed layout instead of it being in a straight line, because I wanted to be able to balance out the cushions with my lampshade above. To make the most of the little space I was given on the left hand side wall, I instead used those for my CAD designs and my business card/postcards. This was a better option for me as I then could make the most of the main part of the wall with my designs and my products.

To hang my wallpaper, I managed to get hold of a wire which is supposed to be used for photographs, but it actually made a very neat addition to the wall, and didn’t over power the wallpaper or the display which maybe a chunkier wire or wooden bar would have done. I managed to hang my wallpaper, samples and my products within the space perfectly, and I am so happy with the over all look of the display. I think that my over all display is not only professional, but it looks eye catching and interesting and originally I wasn’t going to display my cushions in this way, but I am quite glad I did as they fit perfectly.

CV and Press Packs

My CV design and press packs are an important part of the written side of this project. These written parts are given out in our press packs, at the event on the Friday night but also are given out to people at new designers where I will be exhibiting my work.

I wanted my CV to tie in with my post card a bit more, so that the purple wasn’t too dark and out there. So I used a design which is on one of my cushions which is a dark purple. This worked well as the background for my CV itself. To make sure that the writing on my CV still stood out, I used a white box in front with the opacity at about 60% so you could still see the design but you can also see the writing well enough. I made sure to include all of my past achievements on my cv such as my prize given to me during consultancy and also included that I’m going to be exhibiting at new designers.

For my artist statement this wasn’t as straight forward as the CV. Writing about myself is one of the challenges I have really had to overcome while being at university, I feel like I’m still lacking in this area but have been working hard to work on my evaluation skills and also writing skills. I made sure to include the basics about my project, and about me. And made sure that I kept this to a small paragraph or two. For me the most important thing was not to ramble on, as someone might only have a couple of minutes to look at my press pack or statement, and writing something too long would mean they would maybe over look it or not finish it at all.

I kept the design of my statement in fitting with my business card, using the same technique as the CV I just used the same design that I had on my business card. I kept it this way because I had already linked my CV and my postcard together so I wanted to make sure this fitted too. Over all I am happy with the way the whole thing looks, with my USB sticks too and with all the other elements, I feel like they come together really well and would be happy to give these out to people in the industry.

Bags Of Love Samples

I have ordered some sample fabrics from bags of love, so that I can get a feel of the idea of what some of my samples will look like once they are printed. This is an important process because it allows you to have that preview, and if I don’t like the way that my print looks on the fabric itself, I haven’t spent all my money on all of my samples being printed.

I decided to get samples put onto 4 different fabrics. Over all I only really liked the look of one of the designs, which was Portobello Canvas. I feel like this is also a good fabric to use as the colours itself came out bright, clear and keeping the colours the same is an important process because otherwise it could throw off your colour palette. I also preferred the look of the thicker fabric because the fabric itself is going to be used mainly for my cushion designs, so if you’re considering using a fabric for a cushion, it needs to be sturdy and durable which I feel like this fabric would be, if it were to be made into the cushions.

Heat Press

I want to include mark making in my designs, as it is a way of recording down patters and shapes I have seen or have photographed for my project. One way that I love to do mark making is in the print studio using the heat press dyes and the heat press itself.

The process of using heat press dyes to me is very interesting because when you transfer onto the fabric, it keeps all those brush strokes and all the marks you have made exactly the same. I want to incorporate these into my final designs. Alongside this I will have to change digitally enhance these because the colours of the heat press are so bright, and there is no real way to lighten them, I tried this with water but it didn’t dampen the brighter colours. It mildly worked on the lighter colours like the yellow and green. The way around this will be to digitally enhance the design making sure it fits with my colour scheme.

New Experiments…

After a really challenging few weeks with illness and with hitting a rut in my project, I have decided not only to focus on the buildings themselves but the patterning’s that we find within them. These can include things such as beautiful railing patterns, brick layouts and general patterning’s. I feel like these can be combined with my style of drawing and can be used in Photoshop to create some unique patterning’s and designs.

I’m feeling a lot more confident about my project now, I hit a moment of trouble last week with not believing in myself or my abilities but I have to over come that if I am going to have a collection which, not only am I displaying at the university for everyone to see, but for new designers in the summer too, I want to make the best impression possible on everyone I meet and show them what I can do.

Here are some of the new imagery I took today in which looks at pattern, angles and a variation of shapes and line.